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This business blog is about what I've learned working, thinking and doing in corporate organizations (intrapreneur/marketer), startups (entrepreneur, advisor), academia (professor) and social ventures (co-founder).

My aim is to give practical advice and perhaps some hope.  My path has left me today with a bunch of scars and some cynicism. But, I also see daylight at the end of the tunnels.

I've been extremely fortunate to have had so many unique opportunities to learn and grow across industries and roles. I was "pre-acronym" in SaaS and helped create online backup.

I've built, marketed, figured out, invented, improved, sold, studied, taught and advised many products, leaders and companies.

My hope is that this business blog will help you benefit from what I've learned. I do my best to keep the insights clear and remove extraneous content. I often re-write many times as I find more efficient ways to share ideas.

I'm sometimes available for SEO Copywriting Services, Business Consulting and Lectures. I currently teach part-time at Hult International Business School, advise some startups and help customers find service companies through SEO marketing, copywriting and website optimization.

Please note that all the articles can be found through searching on the website or via the headings: Startups, Marketing, Innovation, Career Advice, The Future, and Covid.

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