Selling your ideas to your audience.

Selling 201: Storytelling (Or, How I Came To Love Stories)

Turning ideas into sharable emotional journeys But, I’m not a salesperson Despite their sometimes sketchy reputation, sales skills are amongst the most valuable in life.  We’re constantly selling ourselves and our ideas.  We sell ourselves to our potential partners, friends and employers.  Much of our daily communication is largely about selling our ideas.  Think about

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A respectful survey?

For some reason, I’m strangely attracted to taking surveys.  They seem like a great window into the minds of survey creators. They may also explain a lot about why companies often build the wrong products. When done well, they can often answer important questions and occasionally provide some real insights. But, most surveys aren’t very

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BAD Marketing

I’ve been struck by how many times I’ve heard people say – “I hate marketing.”  As someone who’s created, promoted and depended on quite a bit of marketing content, this sentiment always made me uneasy. I think what they’re really saying though is that hate BAD marketing.  They dis-like being “marketed/sold to.”  They really don’t

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Celebrating failure – the catalyst for evolution

Perhaps the most frustrating part of building new products or innovating in general is that you’re almost never right when you start.  No matter how much analysis you do before you start, how confident you are, you’re still almost always wrong about most things. Almost all great breakthrough products succeeded after they failed – often

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