I’ve been very fortunate and have learned a ton about how companies work, who succeeds and what works. I try to distill my observations into practical insights.

AI Future. Teach students to think, not compute

Let’s Teach Students to Think NOT to Compute

With OpenAI and other LLM companies demonstrating the amazing potential of an AI future, It’s become an almost unavoidable question: what should we teach students. I hear all the time about bringing more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to our schools. I watch (with horror) as some politicians and others try to shift …

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Moving On Up! How To Climb The Corporate Ladder

As my @Hultbiz class of 2016 gets ready to graduate later this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about what advice to give them about getting ahead professionally in an increasingly competitive world. I’d like to offer something beyond simple platitudes like “work hard,” “know what you want,” and “be your own advocate.”

3 Acts of Courage

My MBA start-up competition @hultbiz just finished. My best teams were awesome. Every team demonstrated plenty of inspiration and perspiration, but the best teams were willing to do a few very uncomfortable things that the average teams weren’t.

Nobody really hates marketing, but everyone hates BAD marketing (updated)

I’ve been struck by how many times I’ve heard people say – “I hate marketing” or “I hate being marketed to.”  While I’ve probably said the same thing myself, I feel myself nonetheless getting defensive. It makes me uneasy. I would argue that what they’re really saying is that they hate BAD marketing.  They dislike being …

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Top 10 consulting tips

I’ve aggregated some observations I’ve made from working with a number of consultants and doing some consulting myself. These are focused on corporate management consulting, but are mostly applicable to any type of consulting.

The Product of You

I’ve been working with real estate agents to help them market themselves online. In many ways, online profiles are like first interviews. They are the first place that customers (or employers) go to learn about you – often before they’ve met you. And, like many real world first interviews, they can often be rambling and disorganized. …

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Selling 201: Storytelling (Or, How I Came To Love Stories)

Turning ideas into sharable emotional journeys But, I’m not a salesperson Despite their sometimes sketchy reputation, sales skills are amongst the most valuable in life.  We’re constantly selling ourselves and our ideas.  We sell ourselves to our potential partners, friends and employers.  Much of our daily communication is largely about selling our ideas.  Think about …

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