Nobody really hates marketing, but everyone hates BAD marketing (updated)

I’ve been struck by how many times I’ve heard people say – “I hate marketing” or “I hate being marketed to.”  While I’ve probably said the same thing myself, I feel myself nonetheless getting defensive. It makes me uneasy.

I would argue that what they’re really saying is that they hate BAD marketing.  They dislike being “marketed/sold to.”  They really don’t like hearing again and again about something they just don’t care about.  They don’t like being spoken down to or being pitched.

But, the very same people LOVE and RAVE ABOUT great customer experiences –

  • Finding what they’re looking for quickly and easily
  • Getting information to inform/justify a purchase
  • Getting the right accessories for their purchases
  • Learning about new products/services that solve their real problems (i.e. jobs-to-be-done)
  • Being happy with products and services they purchase because they’re well designed and implemented
  • Getting validation for (important) purchasing decisions they’ve made

What is the common theme? These are each elements of marketing. Great marketing. Great marketing is where content (what/how) meets context (when/where). Great marketing is helpful to customers.

What do you think? What are some examples you’ve found of great marketing? Of BAD marketing?

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