As a former intrapreneur and current professor and entrepreneur, I’ve made a number of observations about innovation that I’d like to share.

Power of Curiosity

One of the common characteristics I’ve found in most successful innovators is a strong sense of curiosity.  They are genuinely interested in deeply understanding customers, existing solutions, competition, etc.  It is through this deep understanding that they often find new ways to look at problems, ways to bring ideas from other disciplines, ways to separate …

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Celebrating failure – the catalyst for evolution

Perhaps the most frustrating part of building new products or innovating in general is that you’re almost never right when you start.  No matter how much analysis you do before you start, how confident you are, you’re still almost always wrong about most things. Almost all great breakthrough products succeeded after they failed – often …

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Negotiate up-front

As a corporate entrepreneur, you should think of yourself first as an entrepreneur and next as an employee.  As an entrepreneur, negotiate terms with your investors BEFORE you get started.  It’s always too late once you start showing signs of success.